Blueberry design is a branding house for all your graphic design needs. Design for all occasions, not just marketing or branding. This means we do events, weddings, parties and corporate events, logos, letter heads, website design, corporate design – basically any design you can think of or want to achieve.

Blueberry design focuses to revive branding and bring graphics back to the forefront of a company and their marketing strategy. We believe that if it isn’t catchy and well designed, it won’t be noticed by your targeted market group. View the services below to see an extensive list of all our services.

Blueberry design is driven by two highly explosive and popping CEO’s, Tim Botha and Saake Botha, who believe good graphics design is the foundation of any company. It is Blueberry’s  missions to provide unique and high quality graphics that will make people notice your company, event or product.

To many times companies fade into oblivion only because of sub-par design.

Our diverse designs

Here are some of the companies using Blueberry designs:

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