Blueberry design is a branding house for all your graphic design needs. Design for all occasions, not just marketing or branding. This means we do events, weddings, parties and corporate events, logos, letter heads, website design, corporate design – basically any design you can think of or want to achieve.

Blueberry design focuses to revive branding and bring graphics back to the forefront of a company and their marketing strategy. We believe that if it isn’t catchy and well designed, it won’t be noticed by your targeted market group.

Blueberry design is driven by two highly explosive and popping CEO’s, Tim Botha and Saake Botha, who believe good graphics design is the foundation of any company. It is Blueberry’s missions to provide unique and high quality graphics that will make people notice your company, event or product.


Blueberry design was found in November of 2016 after the umbrella company PC Hiccups (An IT repair company) noticed that they didn’t have the right procedures in place to handle high number of design queries. PC Hiccups never intended to do any graphics design related work for clients, but due to clients needs and the afford ability of PC Hiccups’s quotes they started to slowly incorporate a graphics department. This graphics department worked on and off with PC Hiccups clients, but never did any true marketing, and neither did PC Hiccups do any marketing for their under the radar graphics design services.

Blueberry was created by the head of the graphics department Saake Botha and the CEO of PC Hiccups, Tim Botha. With these two high explosive CEO’s as the heads of Blueberry design, clients can rest assure that they will receive quality service that is on time and that delivers results. Whether you are in a corporate environment or organizing an informal event, you can always be confident in referring Blueberry design to parties and co-workers.


Our mission is simple: “Good quality graphics, that’s cost-effective and market/event relevant” and most importantly design that delivers results.


Our vision is clear and direct: “Growing into a high-profit, employable and highly regarded company that works for the economy, community and the customer.”