In the case a client asked blueberry design for a quotation, before the project starts, the original price stipulated on the quotation can change and the date of the invoice will have no influence on price changes.
If a client agrees
on a quoted price and the invoice is supplied, the price is not set till project has started. This means that the price can change at any period between drafting the invoice and project starts.
Price changes must accompany a notification to the client before work commences.


If the client has requested that work be done. A project will only start after receiving an invoice or consultation was provided. The client is obligated to pay 50% of the amount agreed prior to the start of a project or the amount Blueberry design has calculated if no prior invoice has been given. Work accepted can only be changed in three working days, after this the work is accepted as finished and the client is obligated to pay. After initial acceptance the client can make three design changes within the project start and final stages, before the final finalised designs are accepted and cannot be changed, otherwise additional costs will incur.

Payment terms

The client has a maximum of seven days to pay when receiving an invoice, starting from the date the projected is signed off and completed or invoice was send out by our accounts department. Unless other arrangements are made with Blueberry Design and our accounts department.

If the client fails to pay within seven days we will hand you over to our attorney to handle the process. If the client still does not pay, even after our attorney has made contact we will automatically list you with the credit beau. An additional 10% attorney fee will be billed along with your invoice, due to failure to comply with the terms and conditions and payment in the seven day pay period.

Client’s responsibility

It is the client’s responsibility to fill in the design forms provided by blueberry and to adhere to the terms of any quotation and invoice supplied by us. It is the client’s responsibility to make sure the work that is done, was done according to their specifications, by giving us a detail outline of your projects scope. It is the client’s responsibility to fill in the design guideline form to allow the designer to work according to the specifications and ideas of the client (this form is emailed with the quotation or before the project is started. If you have not received this form as of yet, please contact us).

It is important that you, as the client, make sure you have a detailed form filled and submitted to Blueberry design, otherwise no responsibility of inaccurate designs, details of spelling will be kept against Blueberry and will you still be kept liable for payment.

If any of the above statements is unclear, please contact us to allow us to handle the dispute.


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